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The current update includes a confidentiality statement on the main ACE screen.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are not using at least Version 2016 F.1 and you do classroom testing using the ACEScore programs, it is critical that you update your system.

This update contains a fix for an error that can occur when deleting a block of questions from an exam prior to scoring.

If you do classroom testing please update your ACE 7 system.


The current time difference for support is 3 hours (Arizona Time).

UPDATED 08/08/17

Civil Process objectives were updated - 6.6.4 through 6.6.9 use of force objectives were added.

Registered users may obtain support here.​

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The password for the 2017 version of ACE 7 has been changed.
​Agencies and Academies with a current maintenance and support contract can obtain the new password by calling or emailing. That information can be found on the Contact page.

​​​​​​ACE 7 2017.4.A