Upgrades or revisions are no longer being made to ACE Version 6.0. To take advantage of the newest features please consider upgrading to Version 7.0.

If you are an agency with an annual maintenance agreement there is no charge for this upgrade.

This version includes the  Instructor Certification reporting features.  

If you do not have a build number that indicates "Instructor" or "Build I..." you must have your data file modified prior to using this version even if you are a current ACE 7.0 customer.

Please contact us to arrange for the modifications.

7.0 Files


Please note:  The ACE 7.0 System file is not compatible with the ACE 6.0 data format.  In order to use the ACE 7.0 System file, you need to schedule an upgrade to your data file(s).  

​Please contact Janet Schaefer at: 1-520-544-8688 to schedule an upgrade.

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